Corporate team building with the legendary Vietnamese guerrilla

This team building program is built according to the legendary underground battles. The finest example of it is the Cu Chi Tunnels. Anyone who has been to the tunnels is bound to be amazed at the skills, perseverance, determination, teamwork and leadership of the guerrillas in Cu Chi.

Cu Chi tunnels was an incredible system, covering 250km long, sheltering over 16,000 communist guerrillas during the war. The tunnels were very important for the Viet Cong victory over the Americans as they allowed the Viet Cong to control a large rural area around Saigon.


Today it is a historic site which draw the attention of most visitiors to Saigon. We transfer historical glory into the breath-taking adventures and team building activities which strengthen teamwork and leadership. The team building program would build up the winning spirit of your corporate’s soldiers as they would have the opportunity to go inside the tunnels, utilize their fighting skills and collaborate with the other teams on the journey to victory.

Vietnam South Vietcong Guerrillas Tunnels

Cu Chi tunnel in Vietnam war, photo taken in 1968 in Vietnam. (AP Photo)


Suggest schedule:


  • 10h45 short briefing section in hotel conducted by Colonel Hoang Xuan Vinh, Vietnam first Olympic gold medal winner of gun shooting game.
  • 11h15 lunch
  • 12h00 transfer by bus from Saigon to Cu Chi tunnel
  • 13h30 team building game start at the tunnels
  • 18h00 arrive hotel



Former colonel Hoang Xuan Vinh – Olympic Gold Medal

During the transfer from hotel to Cu Chi Tunnel, your team will watch a short introductory video showing how the tunnels were constructed. Also on displaying are various mantraps and the remains of an American tank as well as numerous bomb craters made by 500 pound bombs dropped by B52 bombers. We then spend the next hour exploring and team building through the maze of tunnels to see the firsthand how the Cu Chi communists were able to survive in this underground network.



Lets the game begin:

1. The underground tunnels

Team need to enter the tunnel from one entrance to the exit hole.

There are 03 exit points:

  • Pass 20m under the tunnel – 1 point
  • Pass 40m under the tunnel – 2 points
  • Pass 60m under the tunnel – 5 points

Each team will have 10 times in total to pass the tunnel. Let’s write out your strategy to get as much points as you could. At each exit point, the player will receive a card to prove your effort. Take it and hand it over your leader.


2. The land mine field

How to play:

Team would have to collaborate and learn how to cross the landmine field safely. If you step on the landmine, the automatic sound system will “explode” and “destroy” you!



3. Shooting AK47 or M16 skill, trained by Olympic gold medal winner

How to play:

  • Each team will be given 50 bullets.
  • Each bullet hit the red bottle is counted 5 points.
  • For the animal, any bullet hit the body of the animal is given 1 point, the bullet hit the red dot on the rhino body will be 10 points.
  • And of course the missing one is zero. There are the supporter of Cu Chi Tunnel and Viethands facilitators will supervise the game and calculate the exact point for each team.


Let’s allow your company’s soldiers to have a training day full of fun!

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