What makes bun cha must-try that Obama ate for dinner?

What makes bun cha must-try that Obama ate for dinner?

What makes bun cha, the Vietnamese street food which U.S. President Barack Obama had for dinner on his first night in Vietnam, a delicacy of Vietnamese people?

Popular in the northern region of Vietnam in general and in the Vietnamese capital in particular for its taste and simplicity, Bun Cha is a dish made from very simple ingredients. It is comprised of two main simple parts, bun (white rice noodles) and cha (grilled pork and meatballs), and always served with vegetables and dipping sauce made from fish sauce, carrot and green papaya.


Becoming a favorite of many Vietnamese, the dish could be found everywhere in the country from an outlet on the sidewalk, a storefront, or a stall at a market to a restaurant, and is easy to be made at home as well.


The dish could also be completed with an optional dish of Nem Cua Be (crab spring rolls).

Bun Cha has also become a choice for many tourists coming to the country, and been recommended by travel and cuisine sites. In 2014, the dish was chosen as the world’s best street food by the internationally-renowned National Geographic Travel website. The selection was made based on comments from National Geographic Travel’s Facebook fans, who were asked to share the best lip-smacking street eats they had sampled around the globe.




Street food tour of Vietnam

Street food tour of Vietnam

This half-day Hanoi street food tour will bring you an experience to enjoy local food which is displayed and sold in every corner of Old Quarter, Hanoi.


In the morning, our guide, who is a local chef of Vietnam, would pick you up at your hotel to start the Hanoi street food tour. We eat as we go, walking through the maze of bustling streets that make up Hanoi’s Old Quarter, we tempt our tastebuds with the famed Hanoi dish Banh Cuon at a local eatery.


Watch in awe as the skilled chefs demonstrate for you how this tasty dish is put together. Continuing into the atmospheric heart of the Old Quarter, we wander past street stalls and quiet residential lanes where you can observe local life that has changed little since Hanoi was founded over 1000 years ago.

Our next two snack stops are at outdoor barbecue stalls. We sit down with the Hanoi locals and sample various meat, vegetable and bread specialties that are flame grilled over hot coals for extra flavor.



Your local guide will then take you to one of Hanoi’s best kept secrets, a hidden street food restaurant to taste top ten street foods in Hanoi is Pho, Banh My Hanoi, and famous Egg Coffee. This hard-to-find café is one of the few left in the narrow street inside the old quarter of Hanoi. Or, if coffee is not your style, a cold beer awaits!




It’s then time for dessert as we venture down a small alley to join in the local tradition of feasting on fresh fruit served in a cup and smothered with crushed iced and condensed milk – this specialty is one not to be missed!



At the end of the trip you are free to continue exploring the area or your guide will assist you with directions or our car will take you back to your hotel.

Impressive Lunch In Exclusive Site

Impressive Lunch In Exclusive Site

1. Floating lunch in Halong bay

Halong bay is amazingly beautiful with breathtaking view of thousands of rocks immerse from the surface of the blue sea. We could arrange an exclusive lunch floating on water. This would be one of a kind of experience for your guests that they will never forget about the trip.

IMG_2014lunch in halong bay

lunch in halong bay



2. Lunch in the heart of Tam Coc, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Tam Coc is the “halong bay on land” of Vietnam with amazingly beautiful scenery. We could cater an exclusive lunch just for your group in the middle of no where, right on the edge of the rocks, overlook the green paddy river.



3. Lunch in Son Doong cave, Quang Binh, Vietnam

The trip to Son Doong Cave Expedition will take you deep into the heart of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam, on one of the most thrilling adventure tours in the world. A picnic trip with lunch inside the cave will be one of a lifetime experience for your group.






4. Lunch in Cuchi tunnels 

Anyone who has been to the tunnels is bound to be amazed at the skills, perseverance, determination, teamwork and leadership of the guerrillas in Cu Chi. A picnic lunch inside the Cuchi tunnels would be a highlight of your visit to the tunnels.







Corporate team building with the legendary Vietnamese guerrilla

Corporate team building with the legendary Vietnamese guerrilla

This team building program is built according to the legendary underground battles. The finest example of it is the Cu Chi Tunnels. Anyone who has been to the tunnels is bound to be amazed at the skills, perseverance, determination, teamwork and leadership of the guerrillas in Cu Chi.

Cu Chi tunnels was an incredible system, covering 250km long, sheltering over 16,000 communist guerrillas during the war. The tunnels were very important for the Viet Cong victory over the Americans as they allowed the Viet Cong to control a large rural area around Saigon.


Today it is a historic site which draw the attention of most visitiors to Saigon. We transfer historical glory into the breath-taking adventures and team building activities which strengthen teamwork and leadership. The team building program would build up the winning spirit of your corporate’s soldiers as they would have the opportunity to go inside the tunnels, utilize their fighting skills and collaborate with the other teams on the journey to victory.

Vietnam South Vietcong Guerrillas Tunnels
Cu Chi tunnel in Vietnam war, photo taken in 1968 in Vietnam. (AP Photo)


Suggest schedule:


  • 10h45 short briefing section in hotel conducted by Colonel Hoang Xuan Vinh, Vietnam first Olympic gold medal winner of gun shooting game.
  • 11h15 lunch
  • 12h00 transfer by bus from Saigon to Cu Chi tunnel
  • 13h30 team building game start at the tunnels
  • 18h00 arrive hotel


Former colonel Hoang Xuan Vinh – Olympic Gold Medal

During the transfer from hotel to Cu Chi Tunnel, your team will watch a short introductory video showing how the tunnels were constructed. Also on displaying are various mantraps and the remains of an American tank as well as numerous bomb craters made by 500 pound bombs dropped by B52 bombers. We then spend the next hour exploring and team building through the maze of tunnels to see the firsthand how the Cu Chi communists were able to survive in this underground network.



Lets the game begin:

1. The underground tunnels

Team need to enter the tunnel from one entrance to the exit hole.

There are 03 exit points:

  • Pass 20m under the tunnel – 1 point
  • Pass 40m under the tunnel – 2 points
  • Pass 60m under the tunnel – 5 points

Each team will have 10 times in total to pass the tunnel. Let’s write out your strategy to get as much points as you could. At each exit point, the player will receive a card to prove your effort. Take it and hand it over your leader.


2. The land mine field

How to play:

Team would have to collaborate and learn how to cross the landmine field safely. If you step on the landmine, the automatic sound system will “explode” and “destroy” you!



3. Shooting AK47 or M16 skill, trained by Olympic gold medal winner

How to play:

  • Each team will be given 50 bullets.
  • Each bullet hit the red bottle is counted 5 points.
  • For the animal, any bullet hit the body of the animal is given 1 point, the bullet hit the red dot on the rhino body will be 10 points.
  • And of course the missing one is zero. There are the supporter of Cu Chi Tunnel and Viethands facilitators will supervise the game and calculate the exact point for each team.


Let’s allow your company’s soldiers to have a training day full of fun!

5 exotic venues which will blow your mind when we do exclusive catering dinner

5 exotic venues which will blow your mind when we do exclusive catering dinner

1. Temple of Liturature, Hanoi

The temple was built in 1070 and was reconstructed during the Trần dynasty (1225–1400) and in the subsequent dynasties. For nearly two centuries, despite wars and disasters, the temple has preserved ancient architectural styles of many dynasties as well as precious relics. It was considered the first university of Asia.

VM 07VM 0613A_7176VM 05



2. The Trong Cave, Halong bay

The limestone islands of Halong Bay are riddled with numerous large caves, many of them home to incredible rock formations. Special dinners arranged in these places of beauty, highlighted with the warm flickering light of candles and delicious cuisine, offer a remarkably experience.

The glow of candles lights your path as you enter, and a perfectly prepared table awaits as the cave envelops you. It’s the perfect touch for a romantic trip, or for any group looking to relax in a gorgeous natural setting.









3. The Phuc Kien Temple, Hoian

Fujian (Phuc Kien) Temple was built around 1690 and functions as a traditional assembly hall for the Chinese ethnic group from Fujian, China to socialize, but later was transformed into a temple dedicated to their deity named Thien Hau – the goddess of sea who protects sailors from danger. As told by the preceding generations, the Chinese in Hoi An decided to build that temple to worship the statue of the goddess which was found on Hoi An Beach in 1697. Probably the most prominent amongst 5 Assembly Halls in the town. The temple is located in the hear of Hoian ancient town.

045 IMG_3613

040 IMG_3536


064 IMG_3675



3. The Dalat Railway Station, Dalat City

Built in 1938, Da Lat Railway Station was designed in the Art Deco architectural style by French architects Moncet and Reveron, although it incorporates the high, pointed roofs characteristic of the Cao Nguyen communal buildings of ethnic minorities from Vietnam’s Central Highlands. The three roofs, said to represent the three peaks of Dalat’s iconic Lang Biang mountain, are also reminiscent of Normandy’s Trouville-Deauville Station.

Under each roof is a multi-coloured glass window, and under the central roof is a large clock, which has recently been restored. Inside the station, the elevated roofs create a raised ceiling. At the front of the station is a Porte-cochère, or coach gate, supported by two rows of twelve columns each. The station’s unique design earned it recognition as a national historical monument in 2001.

It’s would be a remarkable experience to organize a dinner for your group at this exotic venue.






5. The Independence Palace, Saigon

Independence Palace, also known as Reunification Palace, built on the site of the former Norodom Palace, is a landmark in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It was designed by architect Ngô Viết Thụ and was the home and workplace of the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. It was the site of the end of the Vietnam War during the Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975, when a North Vietnamese Army tank crashed through its gates.

It’s would be a remarkable experience to organize a dinner here.





Top 20 things to do in Halong bay

Top 20 things to do in Halong bay

Being recognized as the Natural Wonder of the world by UNESCO, Halong Bay is among the worth-visiting landscapes in Vietnam for travelers, who love discovering wonderful works of the Mother Nature.


Some people think there is nothing to do in Halong bay. Think again! Coming to this natural wonder, you will not only be able to witness the breathtaking scenes of the nature but also enjoy numerous exciting things to do in Halong Bay. Viethands team would like to recommend the following 20 activities for your choices:

1. Sleeping On Board (ngủ trên tàu)


Despite a lot of new hotels are being established on the islands, experienced tourists strongly recommend new ones to spend at least one night on board a boat. By this way, they could admire the bay much closer up in a more special manner. There are various types of boats available in Halong Bay, from high standard cruisers to diesel-powered junks. Of course, the costs you have to spend for the junks are much less expensive in compared with the cruisers but bear in mind that they are obviously small and do rock much. Thus, if you have enough budgets, do not hesitate to book a cruiser for your trip. However, regardless of your choice, try it at least one night. Believe me, you will not regret about this experience! They following boat companies are preferred for your choices, not in any particular order: Indochina Sails, Bhaya Cruise, Au Co Cruise, Emeraude Cruise, Paradise Cruise, Ginger Cruise, Jasmin Junk.


2. Sunbathe In Halong Bay (Tắm nắng trên Vịnh)

One of the most satisfying things to do in Halong Bay is sunbathing or swimming. Having thousands of grottoes and limestone, Halong Bay offers countless places for tourists to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, fishing, or kayaking upon cruising around. You can enjoy sunbathing on top of the sun deck, but if you choose to stop at Cat Ba Island, there are different famous beaches for you to relax on, such as Cat Co 1 (Cát Cò 1), Cat Co 2 (Cát Cò 2), and Cat Co 3 (Cát Cò 3). According to some experienced travelers, they said that the sunning scenery of mountain cliffs rinsing out of this bay becomes an ideal backdrop for many water-based activities.


3. Practice Tai Chi on desk (Học thái cực quyền)


Tai Chi is the ancient martial art which has been performed for thousands of years in order to improve the physical health, mental health through its controlled, soft movements. If you practice Tai Chi in the peace, with the help of great outdoor aids, you could achieve a lot of benefits via this art form. Hence, is it a great idea of practicing Tai Chi when being surrounded by the sublime natural beauty of Halong Bay?

You can practice Tai Chi under the instructions of experienced Tai Chi Master to learn to take control of your body as well as mind. The location of practicing could be on the deck of the junk boat cruise. It will definitely bring to you a unique experience of breathing in the air, watching sun rise and practicing Tai Chi.


4. Visit floating villages and donate gifts to local people (Thăm quan làng chài)


Floating village is an interesting feature of the daily life of Halong Bay locals. For most of us, a cruise on the emerald clear green water of Halong Bay is a unique experience, so it might be hard to imagining living everyday life surrounded by the beauty of this well-known bay. However, for a large number of families of the traditional floating fishing villages in Halong Bay, water world is their second hometown. This sounds strange but it does. Rising and falling with the natural tide, these floating villages have been “warm” homes to many generations of fishermen in Halong Bay. These families earn their living from the diversified supply of the marine life. You could understand more about the real life of those fishermen on floating boats by chatting with them. Pay a visit to one of those charming villages, meet playful kids, and meet some grinning fishermen. This way, you are experiencing of the most interesting things to do in Halong Bay.


5. Ride on Cat Ba Island (Đạp xe trên Đảo Cát Bà)

Cat Ba (Cát Bà) is considered as the largest island in Halong Bay, Cat Ba owns some impressive natural beauty found in the area, not to mention to wide range of species as well as natural habitats. The best way to approach this isle is by boat, and the best way to explore it is on foot or by rented bicycle.

Let yourself flow with the beauty of Cat Ba by exploring limestone hills, discovering those hidden waterfalls, grottoes and lakes; spotting wildlife hidden in coastal forests as well as mangroves; or going snorkeling off this coast to search the underwater life. There are endless options for you to experience this island in your own way.


6. View Halong Bay from helicopter (Thăm quan vịnh bằng trực thăng)

This might be one of the most costly things to do in Halong Bay. Halong Bay is well-known for its wonderful limestone karsts and caves that attract millions of travelers worldwide. Actually, admittedly, there is no better way to witness Halong Bay from the helicopter. Despite cruising can help you view the bay at the horizon, yet the view may not be spectacular and appealing as there are many karsts as well as islands rising in the bay. The helicopter will allow you to reach the height of 300m above the water level, so you will see almost whole famous landscapes of Halong Bay, such as Dau Go Cave (Hang Đầu Gỗ), Tuan Chau Island (Đảo Tuần Châu), and so on.

7. Discover Hidden Grottos and Caves (Vào thăm quan hang Sửng Sốt)


Among thousands of jungle-covered peaks dramatically rising out of the emerald water of Halong Bay, there are a few illuminated caves, picturesque hidden coves, isolated grottos of all sizes and shapes. Tourists could hire a row boat before venturing out to explore those hidden gems, like Thien Cung (Thiên Cung) Cave, known as Heavenly Palace Cave, which is well-known for its stalagmites and stalactites, and Dau Go Cave (Hang Đầu Gỗ), which is known as the Cave of Wonders.

8. Dining in the Trong cave (Ăn tối ở Hang Trống)

Coming to Halong Bay, tourists should not miss an interesting activity like dining in a certain cave. A few cruises offer this service on their trips and the members of crews will prepare a delicious and delightful diner in the cave. Some cruises add this activity as one of their included activities while others make it optional activity.

Really, after a day of kayaking, swimming or joining in other activities, there is nothing more relaxing than having a diner in such a quiet, romantic and a little mysterious cave. Most tourists make use of this dinner for their special occasions such as a romantic anniversary, birthday party, conference group or even a small wedding with no more 60 guests. These dinning services have both fresh Halong Bay seafood and Eastern and Western cuisine for those people who would like a change from what they have enjoyed in Halong.

9. Kayak between the karst limestone outcrops (Chèo thuyền kayak)

Whilst enjoying the landscapes in a traditional junk boat cruise is a great way to experience most great aspects of Halong Bay at a relaxing pace, some of you might love something more adventurous. And, kayaking should be one of things to do in Halong Bay for those people. Kayaking is a type of padding, which uses a kayak in order to move across water. Thanks to thousands of isles and islands, clean blue water and calm tides, Halong Bay is perfect for this activity.

Kayaking in Halong Bay is very easy to take part in for every tourist, even adventure kayaking. The adventure kayaking will be hold in some of the most beautiful places in Halong Bay with mountain surrounded, beaches and water tunnel cave. The most common places are 3 Peaches islets, Dark and Light Cave. Adventure kayaking often offers tourists the option of 2-3 day tours.

10. Swim (Tắm biển)

Halong Bay is blessed with clear and calm sea water. Thus, it is a perfect place for tourists to experience the wild nature of Halong Bay via swimming. Just simply dip in the cool jade-green water of the Bay, you will feel really relaxing and free from hustle and bustle daily life. This is a good opportunity for you to enjoy such charming beauty of Halong Bay’s beaches, including Ti Top Beach, Bai Chay (Bãi Cháy) Beach, Tuan Chau (Tuần Châu), Beach, Ngoc Vung (Ngọc Vừng) Beach and Quan Lan (Quan Lạn) Beach.

11. Trekking in Cat Ba island, spot the birdlife and wildlife on Cat Ba Island (Đi bộ ngắm động vật hoang dã trên đảo Cát Bà)

To deeply experience quiet atmosphere as well as scenic setting on the beaches of Halong Bay, trekking and cycling will become great things to do in Halong Bay for tourists. Upon trekking on the beach, travelers could enjoy cosy white sand and gaze at stunning seascape of the Bay. Trekking and cycling are great for those who want to explore around the wild nature of the sea. You could combine these activities with a BBQ meal on the beach.

Inside Halong Bay, there are a number of large islands, and one of the most well-known islands is Cat Ba Island – the largest one and also home to a national park featuring with 30 different mammal species and over 70 species. The National Park provides tourists with fantastic chances

12. Chill out on beautiful beaches of Lan Ha Island (Tận hưởng bãi biển tuyệt đẹp trên đảo Lan Ha)

While Halong Bay boasts of many caves and inlets, it might not have many real beaches, except at Lan Ha (Lan Hạ) Bay, which owns approximately 100 sandy stretches of beach. You just need to spend a few days on exploring the floating villages here, enjoying rock climbing, witnessing the stunning views and scuba diving. Or, you could simply chill out on one of those beaches and watch the local daily life go by.

13. See sunset (Ngắm hoàng hôn)

Many traveller wonder that what they should do or where they should go during the golden hour. The answer is to watching sundown. In the evening, the sun slips below karsts, staining the sky in luminescent hues and creating dramatic silhouettes of karsts and mesmerizing reflection over the water. It is recommended have a seat on the lounge chair of your cruise and enjoying a cruise with a camera on hand.


14. Night Fishing (Câu mực buổi tối)

Sleepless in Halong Bay? Then, think of night squid fishing. It might be one of the most lesser-known things to do in Halong Bay, but it gives every tourist who used to take part in this activity. Night squid fishing provides you with great pleasure of the night trip on Halong Bay. You will be supplied fishing tools, nets to actively use them to catch squids. During the squid season, it will be popular for tourists to see many large shoals of squids surrounding cruisers and each tourist could catch about 30 squids for each fishing night.

You could use the squids caught for making dishes. This is a perfect time to enjoy Halong Bay by night. At night, the surface of the sea water is sparkling with the reflected light from those cruises that anchored on this bay. International tourists really love the boiled whole squids as upon eating, they could enjoy the wonderful feeling of ink line which breaks out pitch-black within their mouth. Tourists could also eat whilst singing Karaoke or dancing. With a little bit alcohol yeast, everybody will become enthusiasm and excited dancers and singers.


15. BBQ on the beach (Tiệc trên biển)

This should be one of your gastronomic things to do in Halong Bay. Trust me! There is no doubt that having BBQ on one of beaches of Halong Bay will bring to you a unique experience that you hardly have anywhere else. With various fresh meat and seafood dishes, like roasted chicken, baked king prawns, grilled beef rump, etc, it is very promising for tourists to have an exceptional and tasty meal in the bay of islands. Just imagine, in the light of the dawn, you and your loved ones feast on a delicious BBQ meal and sip perfect cups of cocktail or wine, surrounded by green islets, white sands, and the blue sea. This is difficult to resist, right?

16. Scuba Diving (Lặn)

Not only is Halong Bay a spectacular destination for sightseeing in Vietnam, but also is an ideal place for adventurous sports. Tourists coming to this landscape can enjoy not only the boat trip but also scuba diving. Scuba diving has been opened in Halong Bay recently, making it one of interesting things to do in Halong Bay, particularly for those underwater lovers. The most suitable period for scuba diving in this bay is from April to December. The water temperature during this time is about 26-29 degrees.

17. Climb Mountain (Leo núi)

One of the interesting thing in this list of things to do in Halong Bay is climbing mountain. In fact, Halong Bay is reckoned as among the most majestic climbing regions of the world. It is estimated that there are more than 3000 limestone islands in Halong Bay area. This area has a few sport climbing routes and has much potential for additional development.


18. Play football with local friends (Chơi bóng đá)


The last but not less interesting one in this list of things to do in Halong Bay is playing football with local friends. In fact, Halong Bay is reckoned as friendliest place for of the world. Football is the number one sport in Vietnam. You might want to make friend with local people and play football with them, and they will love to play with you.


19. Spa in nature (massage)


Spa facilities is available on such cruise as Bhaya, Indochina Sails, Ginger, Paradise, Emeraude, Jasmin… highlight naturally harmonious colors and water features, offering traditional Vietnamese massage and spa services for a genuine experience of rejuvenation. Try out a spa treatment in the open air, with sessions carefully fashioned to maximize the calming influence of the magisterial surroundings. All aspects of the spa and treatment sessions conspire to focus the soothing effects of the bay’s scenery.

20. Watch the movie: Indochine (Xem phim Indochine)

Before going to bed, we recommend you watch this movie: Indochine

“Indochine” is a 1992 French film set in colonial French Indochina during the 1930s to 1950s. It is the story of Éliane Devries, a French plantation owner, and of her adopted Vietnamese daughter, Camille, with the rising Vietnamese nationalist movement set as a backdrop. The film feature the amazingly beautiful images of Halong bay and Vietnam history during the French colony and the last emperors of Nguyen dynasty. Screenplay was written by novelist Érik Orsenna, scriptwriters Louis Gardel, Catherine Cohen, and Régis Wargnier, who also directed the film. The film stars Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Pérez, Linh Dan Pham, Jean Yanne and Dominique Blanc. The film won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 65th Academy Awards.